Anniversary and Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

Gemstone can be one of the most precious and unique gifts for anniversaries and birthdays. Both precious and semi-precious stones can be selected according to the zodiac signs or birth charts before gifting it to a loved one. Beautiful sapphire necklace sets in different designs and styles can be chosen as unique gift items for anniversaries. Precious gemstones are also ... [Continue Reading]

How Gemstones can Change Your Destiny

Learn Why and How a Gemstone can Change Your Destiny:Every person is born under certain zodiac signs or star alignments which determine their birth chart. Ever since decades, people have believed in the mysterious powers of gemstones, rocks and crystals. It is believed that these gemstones influence the life and destiny of the wearer. Every zodiac sign is ruled by a planet ... [Continue Reading]

The Hindi Names for Astrological Gemstones

Both precious and semi-precious gemstones are sold widely all throughout the world. It is popularly known for its curative abilities and healing properties. Majority of the gemstones or birthstones include a wide range of features and abilities to cure various diseases, attain peace of mind, fulfillment of desires, contentment in life, attainment of spirituality and so ... [Continue Reading]

Healing Powers and Uses of Turquoise Stone

According to the Native Americans, the Turquoise gemstone is one of the most sacred gemstones with numerous healing properties. It is also one of the most beautiful gemstones that appear in a range of exquisite colors from blue to light green. This gemstone is believed to possess heavenly energy apart from offering protection from evil spirits and negative thoughts. It has ... [Continue Reading]

Birthstone for the Month of August is Peridot

The Powerful and Evergreen Birthstone for Month of August: Peridot The Peridot is one of the most unique and distinctive gemstone which is found deep in the earth’s crust. Peridot is popularly known as the gemstone of August. It has a beautiful vibrant olive green color which also possesses a tint of dark green shade. This gemstone is found in various other shades such as ... [Continue Reading]

Why should you buy gemstone jewelry online?

Gemstones are believed to possess a lot of healing properties. And many fashion experts all around the world feel that gemstone jewelry is extremely fashionable if worn appropriately especially those which are made up of diamonds, rubies, garnets, jade, emeralds, and aquamarine and so on. And that is why people have started buying this jewelry from various sources, one of ... [Continue Reading]

Red Coral Stones – Divine Treasure of the Ocean

Also known as the sacred stone, red coral is a lucky gem. It is mostly associated with number 9 and all those born on 9, 18, or 27 of any month can wear this stone. These corals are usually available in beads because of their texture. They are not mined stones or made up of minerals. They are available under deep seas. They are living creatures or plant like animals which ... [Continue Reading]

Influence of July Stone Ruby on Life of Wearer

Birthstones by month have become very popular over the years. All those who believe in the good effects of stones definitely make these stones a part of their life. And so is the July Stone Ruby which is considered to be a good luck charm by many. The traditional birthstone for the month of July is Ruby. They say that this stone is known for developing devotion, courage, ... [Continue Reading]

Healing powers of March Birthstone Aquamarine

Also known as the Mermaid’s stone, Aquamarine is one of the most attractive gemstones. This stone is also called the gem of sea. Aquamarine is worn by individuals who are born in the month of March and that is why it is also known as March Birthstone. The color of this stone is sea green or pale green and natural shades of blue and blue to green. This is also called the c ... [Continue Reading]

Glorious milky opal is Soft Happy Dream Stone

The white opals are also known as milky opals because they are pale white in color and have a light texture. The white opal stone is a common stone and is available in abundant when compared to the black opals or the boulder opals. The white opals are colorless on their back and hence they are milky white in color. They are pale in color and are not as vibrant as other ... [Continue Reading]