Pearl Jewelry and its Importance

Pearls have always held a special significance since the ancient times, as their luster and sheen can leave the onlookers mesmerized and intrigued at the same time. Even more interesting to observe is the fact that the sheen and luster of a pearl changes even with the slightest variation in the composition, temperature and other environmental factors present in the water where they are found or cultivated. The name of this gemstone finds its origin from the French word ‘perle’.

Pearls are generally spherical, rice-shaped or potato-shaped mass of calcium carbonate, which crystallizes in concentric layers, thus forming the lustrous and shiny form inside the soft tissue of a mollusk or oyster. While the naturally formed pearls are ideally round and extremely smooth, the newer and cheaper varieties of pearls are cultured in saltwater or freshwater lakes and ponds, wherein the temperature, nourishment and other climatic factors are controlled so as to form the right color and shape of the resultant pearls.

Pearls are believed to posses several therapeutic qualities. Wearing pearl jewelry brings wisdom, good luck, acute insight and stimulates intuitive and concentration powers. Pearls are also believed to induce a sense of well-being and activity in a person, thus eliminating lethargy and inactivity. Pearls are believed to display a calming effect upon an individual when worn in the form of jewelry, and hence are ideal for people suffering from depression. However, pearls are also associated with Moon, and wearing the wrong pearl size might induce mood swings and emotional sensitivity in a person. Pearls are also believed to be associated with fertility, and hence people wear the same for stimulating pregnancy and conception of childbirth.

The selection of pearls is something which should be done with caution, as fakes and counterfeits have sprung in the marketplace. Comparing the luster and sheen of the pearls, and relying on a known source is always best.


  1. Eli Fimin says:

    It is quite educating and informing. It has exposed me to knowing birthstones, when to give out a stone as a gift and to who it should be given. However, I just started dealing with gemstones of recent, like topaz, kanite, aquamarine etc. I’m actually looking for an international buyer. Is it possible to send you pictures of some samples I have? Thanks

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