Do Not Buy Loose Gemstones Before Reading This

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Now although online trading is one of the largest industries’ today we still need to be smart about buying online , especially when it comes to high value gemstones, jewelry etc. Buying from a well-established retail shop has the advantage of trust, a personal relationship with the seller and most importantly u can hold the product in your hand and evaluate it with your naked eye physically. But on the other hand the kind of selection, variety and deals that you can get online has no comparison to one shop. So then why should we not buy online, right? The key to buying gemstones confidently online is simple – knowledge.

If u are fully aware of the product you are buying you can easily tell whether the description of the product matches the image accurately.

Following are the most popular Gemstones which I will use as examples to explain how knowing the source, treatments and qualities can help you make an almost 100% foolproof good decision.


Origin- Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania are some of the most ruby rich countries amongst others. Now it is important to know where they come from because each origin has distinctions. For example rubies from Sri lanka are lighter in shade and pinkish in color while as Burmese rubies are blood red and tend to be on the darker side.

dyed rubies and glass filled burma rubies

Burma Rubies are different from Glass Filled or Hue Enhanced Thailand Rubies and Color Enhanced Dyed Indian Rubies

Treatments – All natural rubies have imperfections in them, including color impurities and inclusions. And usually the rough stone is heated before cutting so that does not mean that it is not natural. Almost all rubies today are treated in some form, with heat treatment being the most common practice. However, rubies that are completely untreated but still of excellent quality command a large premium. So do check the description of a product thoroughly and if not mentioned ask about the treatment from the seller.

Yellow Sapphires

Origin- Ceylon, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Africa, Burma, India etc are some of the leaders for mining yellow sapphires. Check the image below to see the difference in colors and qualities from different origins.

Types & Treatments

Type 1: Pale yellow to orange, with color originating from a natural stable color center. Usually of Sri Lanka Origin. Color is stable to light.

Type 2: Pale yellow to deep orange, resulting from the irradiation of colorless sapphire, with color originating from a light-fading color center. May have been colored when found, but faded when exposed to light; color can be restored by treatment, but will fade once again.

ceylon yellow sapphire bangkok pukhraj

Ceylon Yellow Sapphires are not the same as Thailand Origin Yellow Sapphires

Type 3: Pale yellow to orange, iron containing, but has not been heated to high temperature, Color caused by iron. Typically from Thailand, Australia, or Tanzania. Good color to light.

Type 4: Yellow to deep orange-brown, color created by heating paler iron-containing material. Color probably caused by iron.

Type 5: Yellow to deep orange-brown, containing iron (or nickel) in surface layer only; impurity has been diffused in at high temperature.

Type 6: Synthetic sapphire with nickel and/or other elements added; may also have been subjected to heat treatment. May have scratches on surface which will never happen in a genuine sapphire as their hardness is almost hard as a diamond.


Now these are only a few details of rubies and yellow sapphires, but you can see how important it is for you as a buyer o know this information before you purchase a gemstone online. So go ahead and do some research on your own before buying.


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