Do Not Buy Loose Gemstones Before Reading This

Greetings to all my readers! Out of all the blogs I have written this is probably the most important one related to this subject. Now although online trading is one of the largest industries’ today we still need to be smart about buying online , especially when it comes to high value gemstones, jewelry etc. Buying from a well-established retail shop has the advantage ... [Continue Reading]

Experience Astrology

“Astrology is a science in itself, and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It has taught me many things, and iam greatly in debt to it.” – Albert Einstein   The definition of astrology in today’s time is that it is a study or observation of the movements of celestial bodies to gain knowledge of events that will occur in the future of humans or the natural wo ... [Continue Reading]

Rubies Revealed – Important Facts you need to Know

The absolute truth about Rubies that everyone should know before buying one. First of all - where was it mined? , the answer to this question itself will tell you whether the stone is genuine or not. Origins : Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Tanzania, Vietnam, Nepal & Sri Lanka have major deposits. Quality : There ... [Continue Reading]

How Gemstones can Change Your Destiny

Learn Why and How a Gemstone can Change Your Destiny:Every person is born under certain zodiac signs or star alignments which determine their birth chart. Ever since decades, people have believed in the mysterious powers of gemstones, rocks and crystals. It is believed that these gemstones influence the life and destiny of the wearer. Every zodiac sign is ruled by a planet ... [Continue Reading]

Birthstone for the Month of August is Peridot

The Powerful and Evergreen Birthstone for Month of August: Peridot The Peridot is one of the most unique and distinctive gemstone which is found deep in the earth’s crust. Peridot is popularly known as the gemstone of August. It has a beautiful vibrant olive green color which also possesses a tint of dark green shade. This gemstone is found in various other shades such as ... [Continue Reading]

Influence of July Stone Ruby on Life of Wearer

Birthstones by month have become very popular over the years. All those who believe in the good effects of stones definitely make these stones a part of their life. And so is the July Stone Ruby which is considered to be a good luck charm by many. The traditional birthstone for the month of July is Ruby. They say that this stone is known for developing devotion, courage, ... [Continue Reading]

Healing powers of March Birthstone Aquamarine

Also known as the Mermaid’s stone, Aquamarine is one of the most attractive gemstones. This stone is also called the gem of sea. Aquamarine is worn by individuals who are born in the month of March and that is why it is also known as March Birthstone. The color of this stone is sea green or pale green and natural shades of blue and blue to green. This is also called the c ... [Continue Reading]

Birthstones ring-delicate jewelry with purpose

Rings in most cases look good when they are small especially the engagement rings and wedding bands. And birthstones rings are the right choice for these occasions. Diamond rings are classic pieces and are the most preferred pieces of jewelry. These rings are as delicate as the hearts of two people who are in love with each other. They are as beautiful as the bride who ... [Continue Reading]

Birthstones by month and their mystical effects

Gemstones have an inherent quality of being the most valued stones. They are rare, precious and expensive. There are a lot of gemstones that are popular such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, emeralds, etc. And each of these stones is associated with a particular month in a year and that is why they are also known as birthstones. These days there are precious as well ... [Continue Reading]

August birthstone Peridot and its healing effect

Apart from their beautiful appearances and vibrant colors, gemstones are known for their healing properties. And birthstones are known for having an emotional and physical influence on the person who is wearing it. And so is the August birthstone Peridot that is known for having magical and mystical powers that prevent nightmares in people who wear these stones. Apart from ... [Continue Reading]