Wearing Gemstones for Anger Control, Depression and Weight Loss

Remedial Gems for Weight Loss Cure, Anger and Depression Issues:

Present day medicine does not address the emotional and mental contributors of sick health, other than to recognize stress as a powerful causative element or send you to a specialist. Contrastingly, gemstone medication does not just point to the hurtful impact of negative feelings and thoughts, it also offers you some assistance with neutralizing them and removing them, so they no more contaminate your mind.


When you wear remedial gemstone stones, their energies emanate into your atmosphere to actually adjust, clear up, and elevate emotional and mental energies. Your emotions and brain will likewise draw upon the gemstones’ strength for energy to give up the habitual lifestyle involved in negative expressions. It will be less demanding to supplant negative considerations and emotions with positive ones.

Gemstone stones that can offer you some assistance with healing your emotions and mind include:

For Anger Management

Rhodonite. This is generally referred to as the “anger management” precious stone. Discharges anger and emotional blockages; discharges past injuries. It additionally balances out uncordinated and imbalanced emotions.

Also, for control of anger, place amethyst or a red garnet, sodalite or snowflake obsidian with you. Take it out, hold it, and rub it at whatever point you feel the need.

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To Fight Pain

  • Malachite, Lapis and bloodstone are great relievers of pain. Place them on the influenced body area or part of the body until the pain decreases.
  • Tie a carnelian to the lower part of your abdomen to mitigate menstrual cramps pains.
  • For headache, put an amber, turquoise or amethyst stone on your forehead, or in the event that you have numerous stones, place them around your head.
  • In the instance of a chronic headache, lapis has been an effective solution right from the period of the ancient Egyptians

For Control of Your Emotions, Healing of Depression

  • Aventurine, Moonstone, rose quartz, blue ribbon agate and chrysocolla are all stones that adjust emotions until they are balanced. You can wear them in adornments, bath with them or just keep them on you.
  • For emotional healing, use a rose quartz. A Rose Quartz’s energy unsticks and discharges emotional energies that have invaded your body, and energizes a more beneficial stream of cleaned emotions.
  • Aquamarine, aventurine, moonstone, rhodonite, and rose quartz loose gemstone are quieting stones. Rests and place one over your heart, or bathe with them, or back rub yourself with them.
  • To calm tension, anxiety, stress, worry, utilize one of the accompanying: dark tourmaline, aventurine, sodalite, dark onyx, chrysocolla, citrine, rose quartz or snowflake obsidian. Utilize one as a Worry free loose stone. The term Worry Stone is used to describe a stone that you keep with you, and at whatever point you feel stressed, worried or on edge, you take it out and rub it with your fingers. You can likewise wear it in gems, back rub with it or bathe with it.
  • For depression, use smoky quartz, amber or citrine in any of the ways already stated.

For Weight Loss – Obesity Related Issues

You can use stones such as Rose quartz and in some cases after consulting with astrologer “blue sapphire” for weight loss and beauty enhancement. Also, Moonstone works for removing impediments, giving of courage and strengthening of willpower. Snowflake obsidian works well for overcoming laziness issues and helping you make use of that gym or yoga membership package you have already enrolled for.



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