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“Astrology is a science in itself, and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It has taught me many things, and iam greatly in debt to it.” – Albert Einstein


Astrology Consultation Services Available at www.bellojewelsonline.com

Astrology Consultation Services Available at www.bellojewelsonline.com

The definition of astrology in today’s time is that it is a study or observation of the movements of celestial bodies to gain knowledge of events that will occur in the future of humans or the natural world. It is defined as a form of divination or pseudoscience that has no scientific validity or relevance.

Let’s go back in time to understand what astrology meant to our ancestors. In ancient Babylonia, ancient Greece, and old Aztec civilizations or in ancient Hindu settlements astrology and astronomy were usually interconnected and not were not so diversified as today. Kings and royals looked upon the appointed astrologer for advice before taking any big decisions.

Just to let you know I myself was a disbeliever in astrology at first, but it has no doubt always piqued my interest enough to do some research on it in my spare time as a means of entertainment or passing time. The thought of possessing the knowledge of what lies in our future is obviously fascinating and attractive as it would be personally beneficial.

I have done tarot card sessions, seen many famed “gurujis”, pundits etc who have made claims about my future that have been mostly proven wrong , and the few things that did turn out to be accurate I credited to coincidence . Always remember no one can predict your future that is not the point of astrology and anyone who says it is obviously a fake.

Your future changes as your mind and thoughts change. Today you might have made a decision, tomorrow you might change it thus changing the future course of your life. So can anyone predict your thoughts? The answer is NO.

Now you will ask then what is the point of astrology? I shall try to explain my perspective.

Astrology can maybe help you make the right decisions for your future depending upon your own personal unique birth chart some things might be explained. It can give you the strength to go through the challenges that lie in your destiny.

I would define is as the medium to open yourself to receiving the positive energies and vibes of the universe to help you through your journey of life.

But always remember go to someone who is genuine and has the correct knowledge. Trust your instincts , they will never let you down.

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  1. Very interesting article on astrology, I enjoyed reading 🙂

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