Yellow Sapphire in Gold or Silver or PanchDhatu

Gems play a big role in the lives of human being. Not only is yellow sapphire a source of beauty but they also influence many happenings to those whom it favors. It is the second most expensive gem after diamond and one of the strongest known materials. Since this gem is favorable to planet Jupiter, it can greatly hasten the fructification of results that this planet has promised. Those having marital constraints for instance can get relief by wearing yellow sapphire after appropriate rituals, which may include dipping it into special concoctions.

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Benefits of yellow sapphire:
Traditional medicine largely uses gems in majority of its therapies. Yellow sapphire for instance is believed to have antidotal effects against snakebites. It can therefore enhance recovery in case of such occurrences. Kidney and heart diseases also tend to heal quickly among patients who wear yellow sapphire. Because planet Jupiter is related to health and prosperity, those who make use of this game appropriately together with other ways of pleasing the planet definitely end up in success. These other methods include performing good deeds such as helping the poor and following dictates of the religion, appeasing the planet by reciting its mantras and strotas which will facilitate flowing of spiritual waves within a person and also by propitiating the deities.

Astrologers also advise that this yellow sapphire gem should be worn on Thursdays for the best results as this is the time when the planet is strongest. This should be done on the index finger which is usually assigned for Jupiter. Other planets also have their own gems and finger allocation as well as the day. Diamond for instance is assigned to Planet Venus.  So should you wear a yellow sapphire in gold or silver or panchdhatu? The answer boils down to how much you have in pockets. While the ideal material you should use for your yellow sapphire is gold, it is acceptable to apply silver or panchdhatu if you can’t afford the former. When you raise enough funds, you can then have your dhatu changed to gold. It is also good to consult your astrologer in case there are further rituals needed for your kind of problem.
Authentic sapphire stones:
While choosing a yellow sapphire stone, it is always important that you insist only on authentic ones which have not been modified with chemicals or heat. Fake gems can affect your health negatively and bring to you other forms of bad luck contrary to their intended purpose. One of the most important feature to consider is whether the stone is symmetrical. Avoid asymmetrical yellow sapphires as these are usually tied to bad luck. In addition the edges should have no blemishes whether cracks or lines and the color produced when exposed to light should be lemony yellow. Also try and pick these games which are not milky in appearance. A quality gem should instead be clear yellow as these are known to further enhance chances of good luck.


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