Wearing Gemstones for Anger Control, Depression and Weight Loss

Remedial Gems for Weight Loss Cure, Anger and Depression Issues: Present day medicine does not address the emotional and mental contributors of sick health, other than to recognize stress as a powerful causative element or send you to a specialist. Contrastingly, gemstone medication does not just point to the hurtful impact of negative feelings and thoughts, it also ... [Continue Reading]

Best Practices for Wearing Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj and Red Coral Moonga Together

The Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj The Yellow Sapphire one of the most secure stones. Albeit, adaptable in its effects, it needs to essentially be worn just on the index finger of the correct hand. Yellow Sapphire is a representation of the planet Jupiter. What's more, Jupiter is reputed to be the biggest of the planets. It is known to provide the one wearing it with huge ... [Continue Reading]

Do Not Buy Loose Gemstones Before Reading This

Greetings to all my readers! Out of all the blogs I have written this is probably the most important one related to this subject. Now although online trading is one of the largest industries’ today we still need to be smart about buying online , especially when it comes to high value gemstones, jewelry etc. Buying from a well-established retail shop has the advantage ... [Continue Reading]

Experience Astrology

“Astrology is a science in itself, and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It has taught me many things, and iam greatly in debt to it.” – Albert Einstein   The definition of astrology in today’s time is that it is a study or observation of the movements of celestial bodies to gain knowledge of events that will occur in the future of humans or the natural wo ... [Continue Reading]

Yellow Sapphire in Gold or Silver or PanchDhatu

Gems play a big role in the lives of human being. Not only is yellow sapphire a source of beauty but they also influence many happenings to those whom it favors. It is the second most expensive gem after diamond and one of the strongest known materials. Since this gem is favorable to planet Jupiter, it can greatly hasten the fructification of results that this planet has ... [Continue Reading]

Effective Steps for Wearing Pukhraj Stones

Essentially, prior to wearing different gemstones we are bound to be privy of the best procedure and peremptory requirements. With the Pukhraj Stone one should not put on the gemstone below three ratti. The Hymn of “Graam Greem Graum Sah Gurve Namah” ought to be hummed with the fullest conviction and motivation while being worn. Prepare pure bovine sap and pour in a small c ... [Continue Reading]

Natural Turquoise Stone – An Ancient friend

Since ancient times turquoise has been a symbol of wisdom, allure & good fortune throughout all cultures in the world. A lot has already been said about this unique gemstone so I am writing this article just to share some interesting facts and legends surrounding this beautiful stone. Especially for someone who is looking to buy a genuine Turquoise I hope it ... [Continue Reading]

Rubies Revealed – Important Facts you need to Know

The absolute truth about Rubies that everyone should know before buying one. First of all - where was it mined? , the answer to this question itself will tell you whether the stone is genuine or not. Origins : Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Tanzania, Vietnam, Nepal & Sri Lanka have major deposits. Quality : There ... [Continue Reading]

Common Gemstone Names in Several Languages

Important Gemstone Names in Several Langauges Many first timers wonder how to go about the purchasing loose precious stones. The first step is knowing what your gemstone is called. Its not astonishing why so many get confused - astrologers are to blame in several circumstances or just lack of knowledge as this is not a subject you learn in school. . ... [Continue Reading]

Guidelines to Follow When Buying Gemstones Online

Is the gemstone real ? Is the picture authentic ? How can I trust an unknown seller ?These are necessary questions you should ask yourself before making an online gemstone purchase. The only way you can protect yourself is by following these guidelines - 1.DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH It is very important for you to take out time and do some research on gemstones on your ... [Continue Reading]