Guidelines to Follow When Buying Gemstones Online

Is the gemstone real ? Is the picture authentic ? How can I trust an unknown seller ?These are necessary questions you should ask yourself before making an online gemstone purchase.

The only way you can protect yourself is by following these guidelines –


It is very important for you to take out time and do some research on gemstones on your own so that u can differentiate between a fake & genuine item.

Compare and Research Loose Gemstones Online

Researching for gemstones and jewellery online is not a bad idea. About us page of a company and reading reviews published online is a good idea.


Go through the sellers feedback rating and customer reviews. Don’t be misled by a not perfect feedback score here. In fact realise that if someone has a 100% positive feedback means that he is probably fake. Understand that no matter how honest and how much the seller works at providing a proper and complete description of what they are trying to sell, there will always be someone who isn’t satisfied, and hence they leave negative feedback. Ultimately reading a little feedback is one of your best guides.


Read the whole description for the item. Most sellers do try to give a good representation of the item they want to sell. Good pictures help a lot. With a good picture you can see if a gemstone is cloudy or poorly cut and polished.


The first thing to do is to check the online gemstone selling website’s authenticity. The real, trustworthy gem and jewelry dealer is easy to recognise. Why? Because proof of their successful gem transactions are all over the internet in the form of feedback on third party websites.If you want more details you can investigate further by looking up their company details using the website This website will give you all the details you need to know about ownership of the domain and contact details. You can cross reference this with the information you already have.


Even when you have done all your homework before buying a gemstone online. It is still best to start with a cheaper stone. Just to make sure you’re not only getting the gemstone you paid for, but high quality service as well.Only start buying expensive gemstones after this very important step.


One of the best payment methods is PayPal. Not only because it is easy to use, but also because of their incredible buyers protection. Another great option is paying with a credit card. If the product is not as advertised and the merchant is not willing to cooperate, you can always issue a charge-back. If your complaint is legitimate you’ll be refunded in almost all cases.


Although gemstone certification from a gemological institute is an effort and expensive , it is necessary when you want to buy gems online.Of course you shouldn’t expect a $10 or $50 gemstone to carry its own certificate, but once you start talking about thousands of dollars it is a must to buy a certified gemstone.


You should always verify that the ‘Contact’ page on a website contains genuine information: address, phone, email and fax if required.You can verify the contact details by calling or e-mailing .This is a good way to find out if they are honest. Ask them questions you genuinely want answered: Do they really know about gems? Are they honest about gem treatments, how helpful are they, how soon do they reply etc.The readiness with which a good seller puts their customer’s care in priority position is an indication of whether or not you should do business with them. Never deal with a seller who tries to hide his identity or does not have time to be in direct contact with their customers.


When you buy a gem you should have the right to evaluate it and return it if it doesn’t meet your standards. A dealer whose main concern is customer satisfaction will always exchange or refund a purchase. Beware of dealers who accept returns only during a very short period, or who charge returning fees in order to discourage returns.

Hopefully this gemstone buying guide has helped you feel more confident of buying gemstones online. The incredible selection and lower cost offer great opportunities & bargains to those who take some precautions.



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