Best Practices for Wearing Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj and Red Coral Moonga Together

The Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj

The Yellow Sapphire one of the most secure stones. Albeit, adaptable in its effects, it needs to essentially be worn just on the index finger of the correct hand. Yellow Sapphire is a representation of the planet Jupiter. What’s more, Jupiter is reputed to be the biggest of the planets.

It is known to provide the one wearing it with huge wealth, prevalent prosperity, honor, fame and success. Due to the largeness of its size, Jupiter is found in the category of overabundances. Yellow Sapphire also called Pukhraj is known to grow your financial status, providing you with more ideas for earning more money even beyond your regular paycheck. Also, if you desire a blissful marriage with no hitches or problems, then Yellow Sapphire is the answer for you. If there is a girl you truly want, this gem can be so powerful as to make her yours till eternity and if a young lady will wear this jewel then she is sure of an early marriage.

The Red Coral Moonga

Coral is the gem related to Mangal which is the planet Mars. Mars is described amoung all the planets as the Prince. Putting on a Coral (Moonga) can lessen the inconveniences and obstacles brought on because of malefic position of Mars. Coral is not a mined stone, just like Pearl also. It is a naturally framed gem obtained from the deep ocean. It looks like a color red stem.

Astrologically, Mars is the son of Prithvi which is considered a cruel planet. Its malefic position might bring about the brutality and outrage to the native. It is recommended by an astrologer that Coral should be worn to reduce the calamities of the malefic Mars in horoscope.

The adversaries of Mars are Venus, Mercury and Saturn. The stones of Venus, Mercury and Saturn are Diamond, Emerald, and Blue Sapphire. So on the off chance that somebody is wearing red coral, he must ensure that he is not wearing Emerald, Diamond and Blue Sapphire in light of the fact that their lords are adversaries of Mars.


Best Practices for Wearing Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj and Red Coral Moonga Together

pukhraj red corall monga wear together combination

In Vedic Astrology, the Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral and Pearl are an awesome classical blend. They are representing Jupiter, Mars and the Moon respectively.

This is a gathering of friendly planets. The gems work pleasantly well in the combinations listed below:

1) In Ascendants where the trio, Mars, Jupiter and also the Moon Play a Key part. The ascendants who can consider wearing this blend are Aries, Scorpio-ruled by blemishes, Cancer-ruled by Moon and Pisces ruled by Jupiter.

2) In the event that these three planets being significator, (Yoga Karaka) are set in same house, in conjunction or complimenting each other.

3) In the event that Dasha Antar Dasha of any of these are operating and they are considered to be valuable

A person for whom all these three planets are great ought to have a comfortably great life independent of the dasha antardasha operating.

The choice of metal for wearing is as per wearer’s convenience. Its strongly advised to be as a single locket of red coral and pukhraj in 18K gold or copper otherwise the wearer can wear yellow sapphire pokhraj in index finger of either hand and the moonga in the ring finger of either hand. Silver metal can also be used but copper or gold should be first preference.


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