Rubies Revealed – Important Facts you need to Know

The absolute truth about Rubies that everyone should know before buying one.

First of all – where was it mined? , the answer to this question itself will tell you whether the stone is genuine or not.

Origins : Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Tanzania, Vietnam, Nepal & Sri Lanka have major deposits.

Quality : There are several qualities depending on Color, Carats & Clarity. The price is usually a good indicator of the quality.

ruby gemstones clarity chart information price

Rubies start as low as $0.25 per carat and go as high as $2500 per carat. You can view the entire collection at

Types : There are only 3 kinds –

Rough: Raw untreated ruby as it is found in nature, Faceted: Means cutting basically to add brilliance, Cabochon: Shaped & polished to attain smooth convex surface with flat bottom

Treatments : The most commonly used treatments are:

  • Color/Gentle Heat Enhancement: Color of a Genuine Ruby is enhanced by heating which is not a very bad thing as it increases the eye appeal of the stone without increasing price. Also it does not hinder the astrological effects of the gem.
  • Glass Filling: The Gemstone is filled with glass particles to add shine, it does not mean the stone is fake, but it does lessen the astrological powers of the gem. This kind of ruby is most suited for jewellery and in some cases for astrology if you’re on a budget. Ideally you should change your ruby to untreated one or a heat enhanced one if for astrological uses.
  • Color Dyeing: Means to take any stone and to dye it a desired color to make it look like a gemstone, these kinds are totally fake & artificial, they cannot be used for astrological purposes and can only be used ornamentally.

At end of the day your pocket also matters and the purpose you are buying for. Choose the one which solves your purpose and pay a fair price depending upon combination of above mentioned factors.

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