Natural Turquoise Stone – An Ancient friend

Since ancient times turquoise has been a symbol of wisdom, allure & good fortune throughout all cultures in the world. A lot has already been said about this unique gemstone so I am writing this article just to share some interesting facts and legends surrounding this beautiful stone. Especially for someone who is looking to buy a genuine Turquoise I hope it helps.


Majority of the world’s finest-quality turquoise comes from the United States (Arizona, California and New Mexico), the largest producer of turquoise. Turquoise is also found in Australia, Chile, Iran, Mexico, and Tibet.


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Color & Texture

Turquoise exhibits a range of blue and green colors from sky-blue to blue-green to apple-green. Brown or black veins running through the stone in a netted pattern are often found.

Quality & Valuation

Like other gemstones in this case also the authenticity of the stone depends on the location of origin i.e. where is it from? Mostly this will determine whether you have a true turquoise or not.

genuine certified torquoise

certified torquoise

 Of course the vibrancy of the color and lustre matter too. A mix of yellow or brown is not considered good while as a pure electric blue is considered the best.

Size of the stone increases its value like all other precious gems.

Texture of a turquoise matters a lot, the rough ones are not considered well while the smoother the surface is, the better it is.

As for the question whether clear stone or webbed one is better, that is a matter of opinion of collectors .Some say webbed ones are highest quality while as some say clear ones are more valuable. So ultimately it comes down to your personal preference.

Benefits & Beliefs

There is a particular belief about this stone that if this stone is gifted by someone who loves you or is a friend, then it will become the most powerful shield against all evil and will bring the wearer happiness, luck and good fortune. This makes it a very popular gift for loved ones, as it can be worn in the form of jewellery in silver or gold. Even the bracelet worn by actor Salman khan was gifted to him by his father. Apart from that it is also supposed to connect the wearer to natural elements specially water & air.

5 weird facts you did not know about this Gemstone-

1. The death mask of Tutankhamun was studded with Turquoises

2. Indian Warriors used turquoises at their arrow ends for accuracy

3. Bollywood actor Salman Khans success is credited to a Turquoise bracelet he has been wearing for years.

4. This gemstone is the wedding anniversary gemstone and should be given on 5th& 11th anniversaries.

5. It is known to change color signifying its owner’s health i.e. it fades if the person is sick and is vibrant when healthy.


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