Birthstone for the Month of August is Peridot

The Powerful and Evergreen Birthstone for Month of August: Peridot

The Peridot is one of the most unique and distinctive gemstone which is found deep in the earth’s crust. Peridot is popularly known as the gemstone of August. It has a beautiful vibrant olive green color which also possesses a tint of dark green shade. This gemstone is found in various other shades such as brownish green, yellow and olive. The value and price of this gemstone depends on its color. Deep and dark colored Peridot is quite expensive than the lighter shades. With a high intensity of green color, this gemstone is often mistaken for emeralds.There are many myths associated with the Peridot gemstone. It is believed to ward off evil spirits and cure a number of diseases related to the lungs and intestines.

Peridot gemstone is believed to prevent the occurrence of night mares. People wearing the Peridot gemstone seldom tend to feel depressed in life as it is considered to be a mood elevator. It gives clarity of thought and releases negativity.

Natural Peridot Gemstone with Certificate

The Peridot gemstone has a unique shimmer which is evident at the night. Therefore these gemstones are often mined during the nights. Known to impart devotion, love, loyalty and fidelity, this elegant gemstone is ideal to improve relationships as it strengthens all bonds.

This gemstone is also known to enhance wealth, prosperity and dignity of the wearer. The popularity of Peridot gemstone dates back to the Ancient Egyptian period when these gemstones were worn to ward off evil spirits. The shimmer and the glow of these gemstones are believed to eliminate and diminish the powers of evil spirits. The wearer of the gemstone is also inclined towards spirituality and therefore the stone imparts spiritual bliss to the wearer. Its a strong protection stone and can be worn by people of all ages.

The Peridot gemstones are usually worn in the form of rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. Today it is popularly worn for its distinctive brilliance and spiritual powers.

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