Gem of Gods Opal – Powerful Healing Gemstone

The term Opal or Opalus in Latin means a Stone and is an esteemed gem when compared to the other gemstones. They are also available in Black Opals, Crystal Opals, Boulder Opals, White or Milk Opals. The most common Opal is usually milky in color whereas the others come in different other shades such as reds and yellows. This is one of those few gemstones that come in a ... [Continue Reading]

Eminent effects of Blue Sapphire – Celebrity Stone

The blue sapphire is considered to be one of the highly prized gemstones and a precious stone just like diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Like a diamond this stone is also graded according to the color, clarity, cut and carat weight. It is the September Birthstone also known as the Virgo Stone. This stone comes in different colors and shades of blue. You will find this stone ... [Continue Reading]

Birthstones ring-delicate jewelry with purpose

Rings in most cases look good when they are small especially the engagement rings and wedding bands. And birthstones rings are the right choice for these occasions. Diamond rings are classic pieces and are the most preferred pieces of jewelry. These rings are as delicate as the hearts of two people who are in love with each other. They are as beautiful as the bride who ... [Continue Reading]

Birthstones by month and their mystical effects

Gemstones have an inherent quality of being the most valued stones. They are rare, precious and expensive. There are a lot of gemstones that are popular such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, emeralds, etc. And each of these stones is associated with a particular month in a year and that is why they are also known as birthstones. These days there are precious as well ... [Continue Reading]

August birthstone Peridot and its healing effect

Apart from their beautiful appearances and vibrant colors, gemstones are known for their healing properties. And birthstones are known for having an emotional and physical influence on the person who is wearing it. And so is the August birthstone Peridot that is known for having magical and mystical powers that prevent nightmares in people who wear these stones. Apart from ... [Continue Reading]

The Ritzy Emerald Jewelry

The emerald jewelry is one of the most expensive and popular jewelries in the world. For decades, this beautiful and dazzling gemstone has been coveted by millions of people all over the world. Known as Cleopatra’s favorite gem, emeralds signify spring. It is the birth stone of May and worn for many health benefits too. This dazzling gemstone exudes a grassy green color ... [Continue Reading]

The Importance of Buying Certified Diamonds

Diamonds can be found in various forms which include both certified and uncertified diamonds. The certified diamonds are accompanied by a diamond grading report which assures the buyer that the precious gemstone is independently identified to possess all the required qualities mentioned in the report. There is hardly any difference between the two types of diamonds but it ... [Continue Reading]

The Ever Lasting Elegant Pearl Rings

Pearls, one of the naturally occurring gems under the sea, are rightly known as the Queen of Gems. Pearl rings are among the most exquisite and distinctive pieces of jewelries with timeless beauty. It exudes a sheer sense of simplicity and elegance which is quite incomparable. Known widely for its grace and purity, pearl jewelries exhibit a feminine Rings with pearl ... [Continue Reading]

The Eternal Beauty of Natural Pearls

All throughout history, pearls have enthralled us with its elegant grace and simple beauty. Natural pearls are most precious and coveted gemstones even today. These pearls are very rare which explains why naturally occurring pearls are very expensive. Today cultured pearls are widely used in different types of jewelries which have made this gemstone affordable. In the ... [Continue Reading]

Selling incredibly stunning birthstone rings

Birthstones are in fashion these days and they say your moods are often connected with the color associated with the birth month. And so people love to wear what their birth month tells them to wear. There are various jewelry sites selling birthstones on the internet and it is the best opportunity for people to choose their favorite stone. These stones can be carved into ... [Continue Reading]