Glorious milky opal is Soft Happy Dream Stone

The white opals are also known as milky opals because they are pale white in color and have a light texture. The white opal stone is a common stone and is available in abundant when compared to the black opals or the boulder opals. The white opals are colorless on their back and hence they are milky white in color. They are pale in color and are not as vibrant as other opals but they definitely are a great option for jewelry. These are highly affordable stones and are most commonly available. The crystal opals are usually transparent and sometimes translucent and there is a thin line of difference between them and the white opals.

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One should pick an opal only if it appealing and depending on which occasion you are choosing it for. A high quality opal should always have a better setting. One must consider the brilliance of the stone and not the color or the texture. And that is what the white opal stone has. Even though this stone is not bright it is still beautiful and amazing. These days opals are available abundantly on the internet and in different designs and jewelry items.

Opal stones are semi-precious stones and like other stones they also offer various benefits. The person wearing these opals has a positive energy and this stone has the power to improve the love life. The stone is associated with the major organs in the body such as the brain, bone marrow, spleen, pancreas and the reproductive organs. Like the color of the stone, a person is always balanced and calm. This is the stone that is close to nature and it is believed to help people disconnect them from the bad effects of their past. It is known to be a rejuvenating stone which helps a person emotionally as well as physically.

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