Healing Powers and Uses of Turquoise Stone

According to the Native Americans, the Turquoise gemstone is one of the most sacred gemstones with numerous healing properties. It is also one of the most beautiful gemstones that appear in a range of exquisite colors from blue to light green. This gemstone is believed to possess heavenly energy apart from offering protection from evil spirits and negative thoughts. It has a connection to the natural elements which include air and water. The turquoise gemstone is considered to be a gift from God.

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Due to the presence of water energy in the gemstone, turquoise can be worn to detoxify the body and improve the flow of energy. It also facilitates in improving the immune system of the body. The serene and uplifting color of the turquoise gemstone can bring contentment and peace of mind to the wearer.

This unique and beautiful gemstone is used for various healing therapies. The turquoise gemstone can be soaked in the bath tub to benefit from its healing properties. Step into the bath tub and allow the energies to fill the body. It is a gemstone that rejuvenates the entire body and mind.

It can also be used to heal injuries, cuts and abrasions quickly. Turquoise gemstone can also be used to heal headaches by placing the stone on the forehead.

Polished turquoise gemstones can be placed in bedrooms and other areas of homes to improve the flow of positive energy and strengthen relationships. It is also believed to bring forth wisdom, love, wealth and good health. The turquoise gemstone is used in Feng Shui as it is believed to attract immense wealth and prosperity. It is also known to improve the overall health of the person wearing the gemstone. Turquoise gemstone is available in different shapes and sizes but it is important to buy from a reputable supplier.

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