The Hindi Names for Astrological Gemstones

Both precious and semi-precious gemstones are sold widely all throughout the world. It is popularly known for its curative abilities and healing properties. Majority of the gemstones or birthstones include a wide range of features and abilities to cure various diseases, attain peace of mind, fulfillment of desires, contentment in life, attainment of spirituality and so forth.

Hindi Names of Astrological Stones

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Gemstones have specific names in Hindi, English, Teugu and it is quiet essential to know these names so that it is easy to purchase these stone from Indian online jewelry stores.

Astrological GemstonesGarnet is also known as the Gomedhikam in Hindi and it represents the plant Rahu in astrology. This gemstone is ingrained with various beneficial features as it helps to treat disorders of blood in the human body.

Emerald or the Panna is another exquisite gemstone which is known for its beauty and elegance. Apart from its beauty, this gemstone is believed to cure various diseases.

Ruby or the Manikya is one of the most dazzling gemstone which is fiery red in color. It is also inclusive of various beneficial features.

Diamond or the Vajra is one of the most exquisite and distinctive gemstones known in the history of mankind. Popular for its sheer beauty and strength, this gemstone is widely worn by people all over the world.

Blue sapphire or Neelam is another gemstone which is popularly used in jewelries. This gemstone helps to counter the malefic effects of planet Saturn.

Cat’s eye or the Vaidura is another beautiful gemstone which has the power to cure various ailments such as paralysis, dysentery and so forth.

Yellow sapphire or the Pukhraj is another unique and precious gemstone which is worn for health, wealth, happiness and success in life.

The natural pearl is also known as Moti and it is the symbol of purity and tranquility. Apart from these gemstones there are various other stones such as the Amethyst which is known as Kathela in Hindi.

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