Red Coral Stones – Divine Treasure of the Ocean

Also known as the sacred stone, red coral is a lucky gem. It is mostly associated with number 9 and all those born on 9, 18, or 27 of any month can wear this stone. These corals are usually available in beads because of their texture. They are not mined stones or made up of minerals. They are available under deep seas. They are living creatures or plant like animals which are usually found as colonies. The skeleton is made up of hard calcareous matter and is considered to be a colorful plant underwater. Like pearls these corals are also priceless gifts that are offered by the sea.

Effective Certified Red Coral India

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The red corals are considered to be the finest corals and one should be aware of the duplicate ones that are made up of wood, wax and plastic those imitate the original corals. A person wearing these corals is supposed to be dynamic, confident and always energetic. They also keep you away from nightmares and fears thus dominating your own enemies, seniors or competitors. Professionals would also witness financial as well as professional growth in their respective career growth. They can build their finances as well as the courage to do something great.

The red coral is believed to be powerful on the immune system and keeps the wearers away from ailments such as smallpox, headache, fear, anemia, typhoid, cough, bronchitis, measles, and wounds and so on. Ancient myths also associate this stone with pregnant women because they believe that miscarriages can be prevented by wearing these stones. These corals make up beautiful jewelry items just like the pearls. And many fashion experts consider these stones extremely stylish. Business people associated with metals, gold, steel, weapons, real estate, agriculture, etc. can wear these corals for good luck. And professionals in defense services, public services, medical services, etc. are also advised to wear them for good health.

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