Uses of Pukhraj Yellow Sapphire Gem

The rich and bold citrus tone of the Yellow Sapphire makes this gemstone quite a fashion statement, which explains its popularity in usage in jewelry. However, there is a lot more to Yellow Sapphire than what meets the eye – its qualities and properties deem it worthy for those suffering from mental instability and lack of peace of mind. Boasting of a high refractive index and superior hardness, the gemstone is extremely durable and long-lasting, second only to that of a diamond.

Yellow SapphireYellow Sapphire is known to represent profound wisdom, contentment, peace of mind and well-being, and also is believed to radiate energy and encourage spirituality.

Modern astrology links this gemstone with the planet Jupiter, and hence it is believed that wearers will garner benefits like fertility, good health, opulence and success. However, one should keep in mind their sun sign as well so as to be able to match the benefits to the full extent possible. Individuals belonging with Aries as their sun sign would enjoy good luck with it, while Leos and Scorpios can benefit in the form of knowledge, financial prosperity, better ability to focus and concentrate, as well as clarity of mind.

However, there are certain thumb rules one has to remember while selecting the right Pukhraj stone or yellow sapphire. To begin with, there should be no flaws or indentations in the facets of the stone while light rays fall over the gemstone. Also, the lighter shades denote better quality than darker shades of yellow, and hence one should seek the lemony tones while looking for the right Yellow Sapphire gemstone. While certain stones are deemed as higher grade when they contain different colored flecks, the same does not apply for yellow sapphire – the right yellow sapphire gemstone should not have flecks when rotated in light. Also, the common belief is that the stone one selects should be higher than at least 2 carats, for it to be more effective and therapeutic.

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