Emerald Stone- The Divine Grace of Goddesses

The emerald stone is an exceptionally beautiful, rich and royal gemstone which is considered to be even more valuable than a diamond. According to the Indian mythology, this unique gemstone was known as “marakata” which means “the green of growing things”. The stone exudes a deep and luscious green color which is caused due to the presence of vanadium and chromium.

This distinctive and fascinating gemstone is considered to be sacred as it is related to the Roman goddess of love and fertility, Venus. The green gemstone was used by early Indian Maharajas and Turkish Sultans as it symbolized opulence, power and splendor. As it was mostly adorned by the members of the royal family, this spectacular green gemstone became one of the most valued and priceless stones known today.

Emerald Stone

In addition to its unique charm and beauty, the stone also possess miraculous healing abilities. It is known to soothe the eye and prevent epileptic attacks. It is also known to reduce pain. Throughout history, the stone was believed to contain the presence of a goddess. It is considered pure and divine in many religious cultures all over the world.

Emerald is known as the gem of good luck according to the sacred text of Hindus. Beautiful and flawless emeralds are found in various parts of the world which includeColumbia,Brazil,Zambia,Zimbabwe,AfghanistanandRussia. It is also found in some parts ofIndiaandPakistan. However, some of the finest stones are found inBrazil,ColumbiaandZimbabwe.

The emerald stone can be found in both deep green and bluish green color in most of the jewelry stones. The value of the stone depends on its color and clarity. Most people prefer to buy deep green colored emeralds as it exhibits a unique charm and sophistication when blended with gold and diamond.

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