Diamond gemstones – Significance

As most people aware, a diamond is the ultimate symbol of purity, and there hardly would be a soul on the face of earth who would be able to resist the charm that a diamond presents when it glimmers as light falls on its surface. Diamonds have indisputably been the most favored gemstones ever, as everyone from kings and queens to poets and other eminent personalities have always favored the inclusion of these gemstones in their jewelry.

Diamonds are considered to be symbol of love, togetherness and eternity, mainly owing to its properties like strength and endurance against abrasion, and this could be why diamonds are thought of as a girl’s best friends. Diamonds are the most frequently used gemstones in wedding rings and engagement rings for this very reason, besides being the ideal gift for 60th anniversary. Also, diamonds are considered to propel the wearers’ latent ambitions and strength of character, not to mention that these enchanting gemstones are worn for protection, resilience, determination and the ability to withstand all odds, besides the display of charisma and dazzling radiance of these gemstones. Diamonds are also believed to bring out qualities like clarity, focus and honesty in interpersonal relationships.

Diamond is deemed as the birthstone for the month of April, and hence those born in this month are advised to wear this stone to be able to inherit the properties of these gemstones. Also, this gemstone is recommended for those with the sun sign Taurus as well, as the therapeutic qualities of a diamond are considered to affect them in a positive manner. Diamonds are supposedly beneficial for those suffering from diseases related to pituitary gland or glaucoma, and are believed to be able to withdraw toxic content from the wearers’ bodies.

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