Uses of Panna Emerald Gemstone

Emerald as a gemstone holds the status of the most revered and respected gemstone in the history, and there is evidence of almost every civilization deeming this gemstone as the most cherished and coveted when it came to ornamentation and usage in jewelry. Favorited in East as much as by Romans as well as Egyptian history, this gemstone is believed to have reached its deemed status owing to its deep green hue which resembles spring, or the therapeutic qualities like clairvoyance, serenity and calmness associated with it.

Panna Emerald GemstoneBelonging to the beryl species of gemstones, emeralds avail their coveted green hue from the content of chromium as impurity. The deeper the green hue, the higher is the deemed quality and therefore the value of the gemstone. Associated with success and love, emerald is the most common inclusion alongside diamonds in engagement rings.

Emeralds are deemed as the chosen birthstone for the month of May, and hence individuals born in this month as well others who wish to benefit from the therapeutic properties of these gemstones can choose to wear them in the form of earrings, pendant, ring or other forms of jewelry. Wearers of emerald as a birthstone can garner benefits like peace of mind, ability to take decisions in a calmer manner, tranquility and a growing sense of clairvoyance. Also, the deep green hues of this gemstone symbolize new beginnings owing to their resemblance to spring.

In addition to the beneficial properties of this gemstone, emeralds are held very high in their value, and hence buyers should keep a few factors in mind before proceeding to make their purchase of loose emerald gemstones as well as emerald jewelry. Since it is fairly difficult to find an emerald of the size larger than 1 carat, gemstones of bigger size may have inclusions, and hence the oil-treated emeralds with their protective coating should be bought after careful examination and certification process. The storage of such emeralds should be thought about carefully – while emerald is second only to diamond in terms of hardness and resilience, the gemstones with inclusions become quite fragile in nature. Also, being careful during cleaning emerald jewelry is necessary – one could accidentally remove the oil-coating, which would render the emerald gemstones looking ugly and lackluster.

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