The Miraculous Effects of Healing Crystals

The technique of using healing crystals to improve physical and mental well-being is one of the most popular and alternative methods of curative therapies. Crystalsare unique varieties of stones which possess specific properties. The structure of crystals enables it to receive, store and transmit energy which can be used for various healing therapies. It is also used widely for various meditation therapies.

Crystalsneed to be cleaned, charged and programmed so that it can be used as an effective tool for healing physical and mental ailments. According to the concept of crystal healing, the body is an energetic system which is susceptible to blockages. These blockages can lead to physical and mental ailments. Each crystal has its own characteristic energy which can be used effectively to dissolve these blockages and improve the functioning of the body.

healing crystals and gemstones

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There are different types of crystals which include different properties. There are healing stones for specific diseases. Clear quartz or rock crystal is known as the universal healer as it can be used to cure a wide range of disorders. Rose quartz is another healing stone which has a soothing and a calming feature. It is widely used to cure emotional stress and relieve tension.

Carnelian is one of the most prized stone as it is believed to cure lower abdomen ailments such as digestive problems. It is also known to cure problems related to infertility.

Crystalscan also be categorized according to its characteristic features. The energizing crystals are mainly used to enhance both physical and mental strength. These types of healing crystals are quite powerful due to its intense vibrations. Topaz and opal are some of the best energizing crystals. Meditation crystals are another variety of stones which help to focus and improve mental abilities. Amethysts, Lapis and Geode are some of the most popular meditation crystals.

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