Significance of Turquoise gemstone

Turquoise with its signature blue-green hues veined with black and brown ridges is a gemstone with several therapeutic benefits as well, and not just a stone which looks appealing as a gemstone and when set in jewelry. Held as of great value by several civilizations, Turquoise is believed to bring in peace and prosperity. Well-wishers used to gift this stone to bring peace of mind and protection for the wearer, whereas several civilizations believed that wearing this gemstone would make their land fertile and crop protected from evil forces and natural disasters. Since this gemstone is formed due to years of chemical changes taking place in igneous rocks wherein copper residues combine with the phosphates and aluminium compounds present in these rocks which gives Turquoise its texture, this gemstone is associated with protection and healing. Traditionally, Turquoise was used for healing mental afflictions as well as physical problems like removal of toxins from the body, respiratory diseases, infections, high blood pressure etc.

Deemed as the birthstone for the month of December, Turquoise is associated with therapeutic qualities like energy, vigor, passion, dynamism, compassion and humour. December being the month for the sun sign Sagittarius, those born under this sun sign are advised to wear this gemstone as jewelry. Also, modern astrology associates Turquoise with Jupiter, and hence those who wish to curb the negative traits of their sun sign can wear this gemstone in order to be free from various afflictions like impracticality and impulsiveness.

Turquoise is associated with spirituality and regeneration, and has been for several years used by healers for this reason. While picking turquoise gemstones, take care to observe the vein pattern in order to be able to distinguish between the real gemstone and a synthetic variation – while the real gemstone has intricate vein pattern, a synthetic version would have visibly artificial pattern.

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