Rurdraksha Seeds – Where, What and How?

Rudraksha Meanings, Types and Benefits with Price Ideas

We get two question about natural rudraksha seeds countless times – 1.) What is this and how do I wear it? 2.) What are its benefits 3.) Where do they come from?

I will try to answer all of them as concisely as possible. When translated from sanskrit to english, Rudraksha literally means tears from eyes of Lord Shiva. “Rudra” is another name for Lord Shiva and “Aksha” means eyes or tears and hence the formation of this word. Infact in sanskrit there is another word “Rudraksham” which means Rudraksha fruit as well as Rudraksha tree.

There are many benefits of wearing rudrakshas: for example an ek mukhi rudrkashas is a well know universal rudraksha suitable for all. It is considered as one of the most auspicious beads (Rudraksha beads are commonly found from 1-13 mukhi and rarely found from 14mukhi – 21mukhi). There also versions of same faced bead like the round ek mukhi rudraksha is the rarest and the most valuable bead out of all of them besides 21 mukhi. In case you are faced with the question of where to buy ek mukhi or 21 faced rudraksha, 10 mukhi rudraksha, 14 mukhi certified rudraksha or 18 mukhi rduraksha then New Delhi, Gurgaon NCR region (Indian capital) is well known for these auspicious beads from Nepal.

21 Mukhi Certified Rudraksha Seed

The rarest of them all – 21 faced rudraksha of large collectible size. Very powerful seed representing lord shiva himself. Click Here to Purchase at Reasonable Price.

No matter what seed you need or whatever personalized combination you wish to to make we can make for you and even energize the rudraksha seeds for you at reasonable and fair prices. You will be able to buy this bead there at reasonable prices. In case you are here in New Delhi area then we are just a half hour ride on Delhi metro. However, if you cannot make it then the easiest is to go to our online store and buy your rudrakshas safely with credit card or PayPal. You may even speak with a gemstones/rudraksha consultant.
For certified rudrakshas India is well known and their are various benefits of wearing a Rudraksha. No matter which rudraksha you choose – all of them have one common property of opening and balancing of Chakras. Rudrakshas well purify your mind, body and soul and enable you to meditate, relax and recharge yourself. There are no strict guidelines to wear a rudraksha so even if you wear during daytime or keep it close to you they will do their job.

Remember, it is a must for you find a reliable source as imitations of this valuable bead are sold in every nook and corner of most of the Indian cities. Carefully research on prices also. The true real and god formed rudrakha seed is the one you must buy in order to achieve the real benefits. In addition to the benefits it gives, it also adds value to your necklace.
Even with online stores it is necessary for you to find a store that sells certified rudraksha beads with bill and money back guarantee. Since you have the bill as a certificate for sale, you have the guarantee of the shop that what you buy is a genuine Nepalese rudraksha.

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