Pearl Stone- The Natural Gemstone of Planet Moon

Pearl is considered to be the astrological gemstone of the planet moon. It is often worn by people born under the sun sign of Cancer as it is believed to bring forth calmness, stability and prosperity. Pearls are naturally occurring gemstones which are formed in oysters in the oceans or seas. This beautiful gemstone is considered to be the epitome of love and serenity. Pearl stone is known to generate a soothing effect on the wearer. Beautiful white pearls are among the most popular and coveted gemstones as true pearls are rare and exquisite.

According to the planetary gemology, pearls have the supreme ability to enhance the power of the moon. The changing position of the planet moon affects all human beings and the creature of the universe.  Pearl gemstones are believed to possess various curative properties. This gemstone is known to bestow mental stability and clarity.

Pearls are known to enhance the social status of the wearer. It is also worn to increase both health and wealth. This beautifully ravishing gemstone is one of the rarest in its natural form. Naturally occurring pearls are hard to procure and so it is expensive and unique. Pearls are found in different colors which include white, black, pink and so forth. However, white pearls are among the most widely sought gemstone for jewelries as it exudes a soft, simple, divine grace which can seldom be imitated.

Pearl jewelries are popular due to its distinct grace. It can be found in different designs and forms which include necklaces, finger rings, bracelets and bangles. Pearl gemstones are set beautifully on yellow gold, white gold and silver metals to accentuate its overall beauty and elegance.

Pearl stone can also be used for meditation purposes as it is believed to balance the energy field with its amazing properties.

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