Pearl Gem-The Greatest Creation of the Sea

Pearl gems are highly valued and cherished since the beginning of history. In the ancient days, these remarkable gemstones were gifted to kings and emperors. It was rightly known as the gemstone of the royal family. The ancient Greeks believed that pearls enhanced the feeling of love between couples. It is considered to be the greatest treasure of Paradise according to the Muslim culture. This exemplary gemstone is popular among all cultures around the world for its simplicity and eternal beauty.

Pearls are formed in oysters when it ingests foreign particles. However, it is seldom found in all oysters. This gleaming and beautiful gemstone is often related to serenity, purity and virtue. Natural pearls are believed to cure heart diseases and insomnia. These natural gemstones are believed to bring forth health and prosperity. It is therefore worn in the form of jewelries by both men and women.

Natural pearls are rare and expensive which explains the reason why it was worn by rich noblemen and members of the royal families. Today pearls can be cultivated artificially in laboratories and it is known as cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are affordable and used for an array of jewelries. Cultured pearls can be easily produced in required shapes and sizes by harvesting. Round shaped natural pearls are rare and expensive.

Cultured pearls are available in a wide array of hues which include peach, dark pink, black, mauve and many more. As cultured pearls are harvested artificially, it is available in different sizes and shapes so that it can be designed in various ways for jewelries.

The color and size of the natural pearls determine its value. The body color of the pearl can range from white to cream. The color of the gemstone depends on the type of oyster and the water present around it. Pearl gems are delicate and organic which explains why it is known as God’s gift to nature.

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