Natural Onyx Gemstones – Importance

Onyx gemstones are easily recognizable owing to their signature dark brown to deep black hue which makes them most enigmatic and compelling to look at when set in jewelry. Traditionally believed to possess immensely effective healing powers, Onyx gemstones have found their prominence even in ancient Greek and Roman mythologies. Onyx gemstones belong to the Chalcedony family of gemstones, which is a variation of quartz, and hence onyx has crystalline texture and can reflect light upon incidence of light rays on it.

Onyx is believed to possess magical powers, and is considered to be an effective shield against evil powers, malice and negative thought process. Onyx is believed to possess healing properties as well, wherein wearing the gemstone in direct contact with the skin aids in healing cuts, wounds, burns and other physical afflictions. Several people favour Onyx gemstone due to its black hues, which signify enigma and a realm of mystery with deep potential and several possibilities. Onyx has deep spiritual association and is believed to aid the wearer in being strong, self-sufficient, controlled and detached from materialistic achievements and objects. Emotional balance, vigor and enhanced energy are some other therapeutic properties that this gemstone is believed to possess, which is why several individuals and organizations recommend it as an effective shield against intoxication and for sobriety.

Onyx gemstone is deemed as the birthstone for the month of December, and is associated with sun signs Leo and Capricorn. However, individuals born in other months and belonging to different sun signs can also wear this gemstone in the month of December to be able to benefit from its immensely powerful therapeutic properties.

The beauty and glamour of Onyx gemstones and jewelry can be retained for several years to come, if cared for properly and cleaned regularly.

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