Lapis Lazuli jewelry – Importance

Lapis Lazuli is one of those varieties of gemstones which possess their unique charm and earthy beauty, owing mainly to the resonating shades of deep blue which it is found in. Lapis Lazuli jewelry is immensely prized possession since medieval times, and these gemstones are generally of high value. Found in various shades of blue, the color of these gemstones is a result of their calcite and silver pyrite compositions. These gemstones are mainly mined from Afghanistan, Russia, China and even Egypt. However, it is believed that the superior quality gemstone mines have already been depleted – a fact which adds to the value of these gemstones.

Lapis Lazuli is mostly renowned for its spiritual benefits, wherein it is believed to stimulate the third eye chakra and the throat chakra of the body, which aids in the wearer’s spiritual growth and creative pursuits. It is also believed to aid one’s clairvoyant and intuitive abilities, enabling them to think with greater depth and profoundness. Apart from the alchemic value, there are other benefits of wearing Lapis Lazuli jewelry as well.  Wearing Lapis Lazuli jewelry aids in improving one’s concentration powers and enables wearers to focus on important details for a longer time, in addition to improving one’s attention span. Lapis Lazuli gemstone is believed to aid one’s visionary abilities and enable them to unhinge their imagination, which is why most artists and creative individuals prefer to wear Lapis Lazuli jewelry.

Lapis Lazuli jewelry is believed to stimulate the functioning of the pineal gland and balance the heart beat rate as well, thus aiding the well-being of a person. While deciding to wear Lapis Lazuli jewelry, however, one should ideally begin from wearing small-sized stones instead of wearing a large stone right at the beginning, as this could result in a deep change to the person’s thinking abilities.

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