Coral jewelry – Importance

Red Coral gemstones are extremely attractive and attention catching, as their texture and color induces a lot of intrigue when set in jewelry. Available in yellow, saffron, orange and red colors, the medium to deep red shades are more favoured owing to their charisma. Coral gemstones are the amazing creations of the ocean, and have been sought after since eternity because of their therapeutic benefits. Perhaps, the endangered status of the coral reefs, which is the origin of these gemstones, makes them all the more sought after because of their rarity.

Coral gemstones are not stones or rocks, as most of the other gemstones are. Corals are made due to accumulation of several tiny polyps under the seawater surface, which bind together and keep growing in size and multiply in numbers. The color of the coral depends upon the chemical composition, type of algae and the environment in which they thrive. For example, the red shades in the red coral reefs can be attributed to the presence of iron oxides in the same. Mostly found alongside the coasts of Japan, Northern Africa and some parts of France, these gemstones are usually more expensive and considered to be of higher value.

As per modern astrology, Coral gemstones are associated with the planet Mars. Coral gemstones are believed to offer protection to the wearer, while aiding in their well-being and security. Corals are also believed to possess with spiritual and magical properties, and have been used by healers for several centuries. Coral gemstones are believed to stimulate confidence and self esteem, while aiding in eliminating mental depression and ward off sadness. These gemstones are also believed to keep improve the heart rate and purify blood by eliminating toxins, and hence people wear them for availing these health benefits as well.

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