Purchasing Certified Gemstones in Delhi NCR India

Looking for a Great Experience to Purchase Astrological Stones and Rudrakshas. Call us now at +91 9555149149 or live chat with an expert.If you are looking for a great place to buy certified gemstones in New Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad or Gurgaon (NCR) it could be an easy or difficult process…. its entirely upto you. There are several approaches in purchasing your astrologically suited certified gemstone or birthstone.

A Certified Natural Ruby from bellojewelsonline.com

Depicted above is a picture of a Natural Certified Ruby for astrological benefits of planet Sun (surya) in your horoscope. To know your most suited gemstone just start a chat conversation or call us now.

a) You tell your trusted astrologer who guided you to wear the gemstone to get it for you.
Pros – You do not have to go anywhere
Cons – He will never be able to show you a good selection of gems. Also, you will be paying a lot more as he will be procuring from a gemstone stockist. There is a huge possibility it might not be a genuine stone – not because of his fault obviously. See, a good astrologer in delhi, gurgaon or anywhere else in India can guide you what to wear but he will not be a gemologist or experienced gem seller who will be able to procure the best and authentic one for you.

b) You visit the mines yourself to buy your most suited certified gemstone.
Pros – Guaranteed Authentic

Hard Working Gemstone Miners at work in Sri-Lanka

The beautiful stones you adore in a jewellery store go though a intensive rough selection process, assortment and then lapidary. Image Source – Adventure Club,LA

Cons – Not necessary the rock bottom price and the sheer travel costs for visiting and then meeting miners is just not feasible. For example you go for gem hunting to Sri Lanka (Ceylon) which is a great place for blue sapphires (neelam)and yellow sapphire birthstones (pukhraj) but you will not know where to start. Also, to get to the right person you will have to go through a Gem-Mafia (as I call it) and the channel could prove to be much more expensive than any other option.

c) Purchase from your or your wife’s favorite jewellery store.
Pro – You will not have to look around much and you might get a good deal.
Cons – Somethings are just too good to be true. The problem with purchasing certified gemstones and original birthstones in delhi is that there is no price bar. Ill try to explain with an example for purchasing an iphone. You go to store X and its for Rs 40,500 then you go to store Y and its for store Y its for Rs 41,000. There will be a difference of 1-2% max no matter how many stores you visit but in the gem trade the variance in purchasing a stone such as natural colombian panna (emerald in english) of say 5 carat size could be from Rs 1000 per carat going upto Rs 50000 per carat also. The question is then – just how much you trust your jeweler? Also then there is the problem of him actually having the stone you need. If he is a gold diamond expert, chances are he would not be an expert in astrological gemstones.

d) Purchase from an exclusive and authorized gemstones jewelry showroom who deal in all kinds of gems like Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds.

Bello Jewels - Dealer of Certified Gems and Gemstone Jewelry

Fair prices, always certified gems, vat bill included with all purchases, doorstep delivery across India and 190+ countries including USA, UK, Australia for loose gemstones.

Pro – You know you are visiting a shop which deals in real certified gemstones like manik, panna, pukhraj, neelam, moti, gomedh plus several other gem varieties and gemstone jewelry and they are experts in the field. There would be a definite availability of a gemologist and/or expert in the showroom and they will have great standing reputation online and offline.

customized astrological gemstone rings from bellojewels delhi gurgaon
They will have a huge selection in all carat weight and ratti sizes you might require – infact one of the best amongst any other jewelers.

Cons – There could be just one flagship store and you might have to drive down. Also, there is the possibility that you would have to order online after viewing their selection but generally a store like Bello Jewels depicted above would deliver free of charge anywhere across the globe.

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