Diamond Rings with Emerald- A Powerful Healer

Beautiful and exquisite diamond rings with priceless emerald stones are among the most popular ring designs chosen by most of the people today. Emerald is one of the most powerful gemstones which are known for its incomparable beauty and brilliance. This bright green colored precious stone is often associated with various powers and healing capabilities. Diamonds alone ... [Continue Reading]

Diamond Jewelry As Immortal As Love

Diamond is the most enthralling gemstones in the world that has ever been discovered by mankind. From ancient kings and queens to ordinary folks, this beautiful gemstone has captivated the hearts of millions with its brilliant luster and enchanting appearance. It symbolizes one of the most sacred feelings of mankind which is unconditional love. Down the ages, diamond ... [Continue Reading]

The Miraculous Effects of Healing Crystals

The technique of using healing crystals to improve physical and mental well-being is one of the most popular and alternative methods of curative therapies. Crystalsare unique varieties of stones which possess specific properties. The structure of crystals enables it to receive, store and transmit energy which can be used for various healing therapies. It is also used ... [Continue Reading]

Garnet Ring- Ornament of Good Fortune

Ever since ancient days, garnet rings were considered to be auspicious as it possessed unique powers. Garnets wear also worn to acquire supremacy and control during the ancient days. However, these rings are known for its therapeutic attributes as it helps to cure several illnesses related to the heart and blood. Garnets are extremely beautiful stones with a burgundy ... [Continue Reading]

Emerald Stone- The Divine Grace of Goddesses

The emerald stone is an exceptionally beautiful, rich and royal gemstone which is considered to be even more valuable than a diamond. According to the Indian mythology, this unique gemstone was known as “marakata” which means “the green of growing things”. The stone exudes a deep and luscious green color which is caused due to the presence of vanadium and chromium. This di ... [Continue Reading]

Diamond Jewelry to Exude an Opulent Lifestyle

Diamond jewelry, the hallmark of wealth, opulence, status and sophistication, elevates fashion to a new height with its brilliant radiance and amazing designs. Fine jewelry made of pure diamonds is beyond compare. With the growing popularity of diamonds, there are various types of jewelries available today which include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Diamond ... [Continue Reading]

Charismatic Healing Power of Astrological Stones

All throughout history, various types of gemstones and crystals were treasured for its aesthetic appeal and amazing healing powers. Healing stones were used by ancient kings, queens and priests as it was believed to possess indefinite powers to heal the body and mind. Even today, a wide array of gemstones is used by people all over the world to cure diseases. Some of the ... [Continue Reading]

Absolute and Genuine Gemstones for Sale

There are a whole variety of gemstones for sale in many of the online and offline jewelry stores at various price rates. All kinds of natural gemstones are precious and expensive which include diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Apart from natural gemstones there are fake or man-made gemstones which are created in laboratories. It is important to know how to identify ... [Continue Reading]

Buying garnet! Get genuine gemstones information

Garnet is a very attractive stone which is deep red in color and that which is close to the color of blood. And this stone is believed to have mystical properties. Garnet gemstones are worn by people who are born in the month of January and these stones they say promote good health. Because it is red it color, it avoids any kind of hemorrhages or inflammatory diseases. It ... [Continue Reading]

Birthstone Jewelry suitable as per your Astrology

Birthstones are also considered to be therapeutic gemstones. They say that wearing birthstone jewelry will bring about a positive effect on the person who is wearing them. The gemstones are classified as per the birth month for instance people who are born in January must wear Garnet embedded jewelry and people born in February must wear Amethyst. However, they vary from ... [Continue Reading]